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    Anticafe Montreal

    Anticafe Montreal is an open-concept space where you can sip a coffee,
    eat cookies,enjoy entertainment, and appreciate a laid-back ambiance.
    Think of our space as a second home: you can invite people over,
    relax as long as you want, and work at your own pace.Take advantage
    of our stress-free, unhurried environment when you decide to visit us.
    Location: 294 RUE SAINTE-CATHERINE O, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2A1


What is Anticafe Montreal?

 Anticafe is where coffee, cookies, entertainment, ambiance, environment are all free. But wait… there is rent. All friends who visit help us to pay rent and expenses by contributing $3 for the first hour and $2 for each consequent hour that you spend here.We pay the rent, restock on coffee, sugar, milk and cookies, pay electric bill and invite interesting lecturers and new artists every month. You help us keep this place clean and comfortable, just like your home.

 We wanted to create a place in Montreal that would be different from every other. This place is just for you and your friends. This is where you don’t owe anyone anything. Just like at home, you can sit anywhere, as long as you like. You can talk to anyone, work, read or sleep. We hand- picked a collection of fine art and we will bring new artists every month and we’ll have new shows often.

 There is a 1001 ways to use this new place. You can come here with friends and colleagues, organize lectures, concerts or business meetings, play games, learn new languages, prepare for exams, see new art works, sculptures and crafts that were carefully selected. You and your friends can come here to read, draw, talk, play chess and do a thousand of other things.

Beware – we use classical music and fine art when preparing the ambient environment of this new place.

Ring the door bell and come in! Welcome to your place!

294 RUE SAINTE-CATHERINE O, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2A1

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Anticafe Montreal

294 Rue Ste-Catherine O Montréal, QC H2X 2A1 Canada

Open every day from 9am to 11pm

Email: info@anticafemontreal.com

Phone: +1 514 866-2684

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